How To Apply And Receive VA Disability Benefits In Lawton, OK

In Oklahoma, military veterans could acquire disability benefits based on their service record. These benefits supplement their income and provide them with additional financial stability. Several factors determine the value of these benefits. An attorney prepares these veterans for the application process for VA Disability Benefits in Lawton OK.

Who Qualifies for VA Benefits?

Veterans who have served in any branch of the military may apply for benefits. These veterans must have a service record show at least ninety days of service. The requirements indicate that a portion of their service time must show service during war time. The veterans must be discharged honorably from their chosen branch. Their discharge could indicate an end of their required service or a medical discharge. Any applicant who wasn’t discharged honorably cannot receive these benefits.

Who is a Qualified Dependent?

Qualified dependents begin with spouses and biological children. However, the custody arrangements for the children must show that they live with the veteran for at least fifty percent of the year. Stepchildren are also qualified dependents. If the veteran becomes divorced, they cannot claim the stepchild as a dependent. Any minor dependent that the veteran provides financial support in their home is also a qualified dependent.

Reporting Changes to the VA

The veteran is required to submit any changes in status to Veteran Affairs. These changes include divorces, marriages, and deaths. This information allows the agency to maintain accurate records. This information allows them to calculate the veteran’s benefits correctly.

Veterans who do not submit changes that could affect the value of the benefits could lose their benefits. Withholding information is a crime and could lead to a suspension of benefits. The veteran must repay any benefits they receive based on inaccurate information. This includes the removal of spouses or children that could reduce the value of the benefits.

In Oklahoma, military veterans have the opportunity to acquire benefits when they are classified as disabled. These benefits provide them with additional financial support based on their income levels. The percentage that they receive for their disability could affect the value of their benefits. Veterans who need to acquire VA Disability Benefits in Lawton OK should contact an attorney or read the full info here today.

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