How To Acquire An Uncontested Divorce Through A Divorce Lawyer In Ozaukee, WI

In Wisconsin, uncontested divorces occur when no major issues arise. In these divorces, neither party is contesting the divorce proceedings, and each party can reach a solid agreement. In these cases, a trial isn’t necessary, and the divorce is finalized based on the state’s waiting periods only. The following is a presentation of steps that can help petitioners acquire an uncontested divorce through a divorce lawyer in Ozaukee WI.

Choose No Fault Divorce Grounds

By selecting no-fault divorce grounds, the petitioner isn’t assigning blame. They are recognizing that each party played their own role in the demise of the marriage. By choosing fault-based grounds, they are implying the total opposite. No-fault grounds don’t require any evidence. The defendant must answer the summons and sign the divorce agreement.

Create an Amicable Divorce Agreement

The plaintiff must work with their attorney to create an amicable divorce agreement. The agreement must begin with the way in which marital property and assets are divided. The plaintiff must consider the desires of their spouse and create an agreement that ensures they both have an equal share of these assets.

Negotiate for Child Custody and Support

If the plaintiff isn’t sure how to approach child custody and support, their attorney can negotiate with their spouse’s lawyer. They can create a parenting plan that provides them both with equal time with the child. They can identify a fair and reasonable value for child support.

Complete Mediation Successfully if It is Required

If there is an issue, the couple can attend mediation. They can meet with their attorneys and each other to discuss the issue. They both acquire adequate time to discuss these problems and find a better solution. As long as they can complete mediation successfully, they can achieve an uncontested divorce.

In Wisconsin, uncontested divorces require each party to agree and sign the documents without major issues. The defendant must refrain from contesting the divorce. If they face any problem, they must negotiate with the attorney. This eliminates the need for a divorce trial. Petitioners who wish to file for a divorce contact a Divorce Lawyer in Ozaukee WI through Horizons Law Group LLC for more info.

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