How Successful Is Heat Treatment For Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs don’t fly, but they are tiny enough to hide in cracks in the walls or windows. They also hide in the seams of curtains, clothing, sheets and pillowcases, mattresses, suitcases, etc. They even hide in carpet and between the cracks of hardwood flooring.

Bed bugs are difficult to eradicate with chemical and organic methods of extermination. They simply walk away from these treatments, and return once it’s safe to do so. The only way to truly rid your living quarters of bed bugs is with bed bug heat treatments.

Here’s how it works.

Why Heat?

Heat treatments raise the temperature of a house or apartment building to high temperatures in a short amount of time, killing bed bugs in all stages, from eggs to adults. Professionally applied heat doesn’t harm the structure or its contents – just the bed bugs! The heat even kills bed bugs inside walls, behind electrical outlet plates, and in baseboards, windows, and trim.

Other Methods

You may see items like hot boxes on the market. Items are placed into a box, the heat is turned up, and you wait for the pests to die! Unfortunately, this method doesn’t cover the structure, or the beds and furnishings. Instead, just the items in which bed bugs hide (such as bed sheets)

Steam is one of the available bed bug heat treatments that can be used to kill bed bugs. Steam is a localized method of bed bug control, best used on beds, pillows and linens, furnishings, and windows. It will kill bed bugs at all life stages. Unfortunately, it won’t get the ones in the walls or behind electrical outlet plates!

The best and most effective method of bed bug removal is treating the living quarters with intense heat. Contact Viking Pest Control of Audobon to learn more about killing bed bugs with heat!

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