How Often do you Need Reflexology?

Reflexology therapy has many different uses. Not all of them are absolutely required for living a healthy life, but it certainly helps. But how often do you need such therapy? Is it a monthly visit, weekly, yearly etc.? For such a useful method of therapy, how often do you actually hear about it or the people who administer it? Most people don’t even know what it is. If you are seeking reflexology therapy in Ajax ON, here is a very brief walkthrough of what it can do for you and how often you should seek it out.

What is Reflexology?
Reflexology therapy is a bit like a foot massage in that it is a strategic application of pressure to areas of the feet, intended to promote relaxation and alleviate undo stress. The differences lie in variety (reflexology therapy also includes the hands and ears) and the fact that reflexologists utilize specialized charts to lead them to the best places on the body to apply the pressure. Reflexology has been proven by noted scientists to reduce pain and even various psychological symptoms like anxiety and depression, while enhancing positive psychological traits like sleep and general relaxation. It’s all incredibly safe, though the pressure may prove discomforting for those with very sensitive feet.

When do you need it?
There really isn’t a set time for when you need it, as it helps alleviate symptoms that people live with every day without reflexology. Reflexology does, however, make them much more manageable. There is neither a good or bad time to get reflexology treatment, so if you think it will help your anxiety or depression, you can go have it done whenever you want.

How often should you get it?
Reflexology therapy is very natural treatment, so repeat visits will only benefit the effect. For the highest level of effectiveness, the ideal amount of times to seek out reflexology therapy is weekly or bi-weekly. This way, you can keep up the effect, and even add onto it as time goes on. You’ll go longer without the aches, and your anxiety will be down more and for longer periods of time the more you do it.

If you want good quality reflexology therapy, seek out the professional, highly-skilled reflexologists at Sloan Natural Health Center.

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