How Important Is My Parts Inventory?

by | Jan 17, 2017 | Industrial Supplier

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Inventory managers have a big job. It can be difficult to ensure that important parts, like Rexnord bearings are at the ready whenever needed. For this reason, it’s critical to keep a reasonable inventory of all parts regularly required, without having such a large inventory that you risk business cash flow by having too much money tied up in inventory. Here are a few tips to help you keep inventory under control.

 * Have a foolproof sign out system. It’s critical to know whenever a part is retrieved from your stock. This allows you to reorder parts as they’re used, before these parts become critically needed. Ordering a replacement as soon as a part leaves the shelf helps prevent having to pay rush shipping charges when you need a part.

 * Have a local provider. In the even that you do need a part in a hurry, you’ll get the part faster and pay less to receive it if you have a vendor that is located close to your facility. Choose a vendor that is close enough that shipping takes just a couple of days.

 * Have a provider that has a good “rush order” process. In the event you’re in a crunch, it’s important that your provider is close by, but also that they have a good rush order process. You need to know that you can count on a vendor to ship a part the same day when you really need it.

With these three tips in mind, you should be able to keep a parts inventory that offers your company easy access to parts when needed, without a lot of extra expense. Your parts vendor is your partner in ensuring that all your required parts like Rexnord bearings in Louisiana are ready when you are.

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