How Home Decorators Can Create the Perfect Space in Your Alexandria, VA Home

There are some beautiful homes in the Alexandria, VA area. Some are the classic colonial homes with their traditional architecture, while others are the iconic Craftsman style homes with their broad porches and open ceilings with exposed beams. There are also the Cape Cod styles, bungalows, and ranchers, and of course the ultra-sleek and sophisticated modern home designs.

While the exterior of these homes defines the architectural style, the interior is defined by the preferences of the homeowner. Creating this unique style and personal reflection of taste is not always easy, but turning to professional home decorators ensures the ideal look to any style of home in Alexandria, VA.

Turning Ideas into Reality

Home decorating is both a science and an art. These professionals have to listen carefully to what the homeowners want, and then find a way to express those decorating ideas in a complete, integrated and pleasing style.

While this may seem like magic, the top home decorators know the right questions to ask to understand the needs of their clients. With their ability to coordinate colors, fabrics, patterns, furniture pieces and artwork, they bring to life the style and personal preferences of the homeowner, often in unique ways that are inspiring and also very personal.

The Complete Picture

The reason that home decorators are so effective at creating this space is they are able to develop a concept for a room, a floor, or an entire home. Each element they choose is selected not only for how it works with the surrounding design elements, but how it adds to the overall look and feel of the space.

Top decorators work closely with their clients on budgeting for the project. They provide realistic estimates for the desired scope of the project to help their clients change their home without breaking the bank.

To schedule a consultation with one of our experienced decorators, call 202-719-8062 Ext. 1. The team at Zo├ź Feldman Design can arrange to meet at your convenience for an initial consultation.

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