How Green is Your Aviation Ground Support Equipment?

Increasing awareness of the need to reduce carbon footprints and engage in practices which are kind to the planet has resulted in airlines adopting a large number of green policies and ways of working. Over the past decade or so, considerable unwelcome publicity has been generated regarding the high environmental cost of flying, prompting everyone in the industry to do their utmost to minimize its ill-effects. Luckily there is plenty companies can do to become more eco-friendly. Why not consider the following suggestions for greening up your aviation ground support equipment?

Alternative Fuel Options

Traditionally powered by diesel, the new generation of ground support equipment for aviation is increasingly utilizing electricity in its operation. Electric vehicles not only produce fewer emissions than their gas-guzzling diesel counterparts, they’re also frequently cheaper to run. The irresistible combination of cost-effectiveness and impeccable green credentials ensure electric aviation ground support equipment is always in high demand.

Enhanced Efficiency

Whether you want great weight bearing capacity, higher lifting, enhanced pulling power or simply a piece of machinery which gets the job done faster, the latest versions of aviation ground support equipment are significantly more effective than their predecessors. What this means for companies which choose to rent or buy them is they are getting premium performance for the same (or often less) environmental impact. Regular updating of ground support machinery is one of the best ways to take advantage of energy saving and other environmentally responsible developments as they become integrated into the latest machinery models.

Refurbish and Repair

Obviously, a considerable quantity of natural resources are used in every piece of aviation ground support equipment, so it makes sense to maximize its lifespan in order to prevent unnecessary wastage. Through timely refurbishment, high grade repairs and a commitment to a regular maintenance schedule, it’s possible to significantly enhance the longevity of ground support equipment and delaying the need to buy new. This not only reduces costs, it’s also a great way of conserving natural resources and ensuring the maximum usage is obtained from every piece of equipment.

Trying to run a green ground support operation is a challenge, especially as environmental concerns need to be weighed against the need for a speedy, safe and convenient service which is commercially viable. Mercury GSE has a significant track record in providing aviation ground support equipment to companies which are keen to enhance their green performance. Their premium collection of energy efficient equipment utilizes a wealth of cutting-edge technologies which ensure their range offers a real opportunity to invest in an eco-friendly corporate future.

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