How Does a Low Air Loss Mattress Work?

by | Nov 30, 2018 | Medical Equipment

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For individuals who are stuck in bed for a long period of time, it can be necessary to take steps to minimize the amount of friction on the skin. Even with the softest sheets, there is a risk of bacteria building up and friction occurring, causing damage to the skin. In some cases, skin damage like this can be the most damaging of all types of injuries occurring for those remaining in bed. Take into consideration how a low air loss mattress may work for you.

How Does It Work?

A low air loss mattress is designed to provide a break in the contact between the skin and the mattress or sheet. It works because of the thousands of very small holes in the mattress. You can barely see them, but they work to create just enough air flow to allow for a break in this contact and friction. They are still very comfortable to use, and they can be easy to use as well. But, because of this pressurized air flowing through the mattress, the skin has a layer of additional protection it needs.

You Still Need to Focus on Safety

Even with this type of mattress, it is very important to move as much as possible. This may mean shifting. It may mean moving the skin enough. In addition to this, it may be necessary to choose a mattress that is easy to clean. Removing bacteria from the surface is critical.

A low air loss mattress is one way to make this change. The key here is to invest in a quality design from a reliable manufacturer. It is the details that stand out here the most. Take the time to consider all of the options for reducing the friction on your skin or that of your loved one.

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