How Do You Know if You Need an Administrative Attorney in Topeka, KS?

by | Sep 27, 2018 | Lawyer & Law Firm

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Every year, new small businesses need to close shop due to a lack of funds. In many cases, the financial problems are the result of government fines and penalties. When your business fails to follow government regulations, you may face similar problems.

Hiring an administrative attorney in Topeka, KS can help you avoid these issues. Here are the most common reasons to hire an attorney that specializes in administrative law.

Comply with the Latest Government Regulations

An administrative attorney helps you comply with the ever-changing list of government regulations. Depending on the industry, your business may need to follow hundreds of regulations that are administered by the local, state, or federal government.

Keeping up with these changing regulations can be a challenge. Unfortunately, failure to comply with these regulations can cause detrimental damage to your business. They can keep you aware of upcoming regulations and help you determine the best way to comply with minimal impact to your normal operations.

Receive Help Dealing with Regulation Violations

If you do violate one of the many regulations related to your business operations, you need an experienced administrative attorney. Besides fines or penalties, you may face additional legal action.

When a lawsuit is filed by a government agency, it is important to have someone on your side that understands the regulations and laws.

Denial of Workers Compensation or Social Security Benefits

Attorneys can also assist the public with cases involving government agencies. For example, if you are denied social security benefits or workers compensation, an experienced attorney can help you explore your legal options. They can increase your chances of a favorable outcome.

Contact us today for more information on dealing with government agencies. Failure to comply with their regulations can result in steep fines, penalties, and even the denial of your business licenses. If you want your business to succeed, compliance is essential.

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