How Can a Philly Criminal Attorney Help Defendants?

Dealing with criminal charges can be stressful, especially when one has not been charged with a crime before. Often, people have a lot of questions and are unsure of the process they will go through or what they can expect if they are found guilty. Everyone has the right to legal defense, whether they are guilty or innocent. It is important a defendant hires a Philly criminal attorney to help them through the process of their trial.

The first step in getting help from a Philly criminal attorney is to schedule a consultation appointment. Attorneys can come to the jail or can meet a defendant at their office. The lawyer will first attempt to learn exactly what charges have been placed against the defendant so they can begin determining a plan of defense. The attorney will also review any previous records to help the client understand what they may face as far as penalties, should they be found guilty.

Plea bargaining and negotiation with the prosecutor are important for being able to attempt getting charges reduced. The goal of the attorney will be to attempt to help their client avoid serious penalties such as jail time. They can negotiate the charges and the penalties if their client is found not-guilty. Although it can be stressful going through a trial and sentencing, a defendant can rest assured their rights will be protected when they are being represented by an attorney.

Should a defendant be found guilty, the attorney can always pursue an appeal. The attorney will continue to exhaust every option to ensure their client gets the best possible outcome in their case. While no attorney can guarantee any outcome, being represented by legal counsel can certainly make the process much easier for a defendant to go through.

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