How Can A Bondsman In Saginaw, TX Help You?

In Texas, bonding agents provide assistance for criminal defendants in a multitude of ways. When a criminal defendant is eligible for bail, the agents help them by providing a bail bond. A local Bondsman in Saginaw TX offers a variety of services to help criminal defendants after they’ve been arrested.

Offering Bail Bonds

Bondsmen provide different types of bail bonds criminal defendants. The bail bonds require a percentage of the bail that doesn’t exceed 14%. The criminal defendant or their representative pays the fee or provides collateral for the bond. The bond helps the defendant get out of jail quickly.

Negotiating with the Judge

Bonding agents often attend the arraignment hearing and negotiate with the judge. The negotiations for the bail amount could help first-time defendants who don’t have a previous criminal record. Any defendant that doesn’t present a flight risk is eligible for bail usually and can get a bail bond to get out of jail.

Releasing the Defendant into the Bondsman’s Custody

Some defendants are released into the bondsman’s custody. Typically, the bonding agent discusses the arrangement with the judge. A defendant that is a possible flight risk is released in the bonding agent’s custody to ensure that the defendant appears in court. The defendant stays with the bonding agent in some cases. If the defendant flees, then the bonding agent locates them through bounty hunters.

Assistance Getting to the Court Appearance

Defendants who don’t have transportation make arrangements with their bonding agent to get to their court appearance. The arrangements prevent the defendant from facing the penalties of a failure to appear. A defendant that doesn’t show up for court is subject to a new arrest after a bench warrant is issued.

In Texas, bonding agents provide criminal defendants with a bail bond according to the criminal charge against them. They negotiate with judges to lower the bail amount and help defendants afford the costs. Some defendants are released into the bondsman’s custody and help them get to court as directed. Criminal defendants who need the services of a Bondsman in Saginaw TX Contact Ronnie D. Long Bail Bonds Today for more information about their options.

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