How Bathroom Remodeling Benefits Homeowners

by | Jun 1, 2016 | Remodeling

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There is nothing quite like the pride and satisfaction that comes from a successful home improvement project, and bathroom upgrades are some of the most popular. That is because Bathroom Remodeling is one of the fastest ways to increase home value and function. In addition, remodeling experts like American Bath Inc will help clients customize spaces and save money.

Updated Bathrooms Add Value and Function

Bathroom Remodeling can add thousands of dollars in value to homes. Just making repairs and updating fixtures makes a huge difference in the way prospective buyers view a home. Beautiful baths can make the difference in a quick sale or months on the market Homeowners also upgrade when they want to adapt their homes to the needs of growing families. They might add double sinks, increase storage and update bathtubs. Remodeling experts can also alter homes to accommodate seniors. Their design staff helps many clients choose features like walk-in baths and hand rails.

Remodeling Creates a Healthier Home

Bathrooms are notorious for collecting mold, mildew and bacteria over the years. Even the most careful housekeeper can never completely sanitize older fixtures, so homeowners often remodel in order to create healthier rooms. Experts can tear rooms down to their bare bones and replace outdated wiring and plumbing. They may also add new flooring that is easy to keep clean. Most homeowners are more motivated to keep sparkling, beautiful new baths clean. There are also psychological benefits to upgrading baths. New, beautiful spaces just make people feel better and spa-like rooms are relaxing.

Renovating Can Lower Utility Costs

Old bathroom plumbing is rarely efficient and often increases water bills. Electrical fixtures may also drain energy. However, remodeling professionals can show customers a range of products designed to increase beauty while lowering utility costs. Some contractors maximize the value even further by allowing clients to buy directly from suppliers. Homeowners get high-quality products of their choice but avoid expensive middleman markups.

Homeowners who are getting ready to sell often renovate bathrooms in order to attract more buyers. Others renovate in order to replace older, unsanitary baths. Customers also remodel bathrooms so that they can add space, safety features, and energy efficient options.

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