How Arlington Homeowners Can Fix Cracks in the Driveway or Sidewalk

When a person buys a new home, they take pride in their home when they pull up in the driveway and see a beautiful home exterior. Unfortunately, there are parts of the exterior of the home that can deteriorate and cause the home to lose some of its curb appeal, like cracks or missing pieces of wood in the driveway or sidewalk.

When changes in temperature and moisture occur, the concrete used for driveways and sidewalks will contract and expand. If this is not properly controlled, cracks will start to appear. In homes that are five years and older, wood placed in a concrete expansion joint may have started to deteriorate. There are steps homeowners can take to address these issues.

Homeowners can use a product that is made from exterior grade materials to replace missing wood pieces in concrete expansion joints. The product is pressed in with the heel of a person’s hand and clipped to the right length. Another option is to use caulking that will fill in the cracks, but this option since is gooey and messy.

Caulking is usually a better option for repairing cracks in the concrete. If there are extensive cracks and the homeowner is not able to replace the concrete, another medium could be placed on top of the concrete, like brick pavers.

Trim-A-Slab is a product that can replace missing wood found in driveways and sidewalks in older homes. Learn how this product can benefit homeowners by visiting their website.

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