How an Ophthalmologist in Green Bay WI Can Enhance Eye Health

Impaired vision can have a significant impact on an individual’s life. It can result in an inability to drive and hardship when performing daily activities. To prevent visual deterioration, it’s prudent to see an Ophthalmologist in Green Bay WI. This eye care provider assists patients with problems such as decreased vision, vision changes, and color vision changes. Learn how ophthalmology services can enhance eye health.

Ophthalmologists Treat People with Auto-Immune Diseases

Some diseases have a higher possibility of causing eye problems. This can include autoimmune diseases such as autoimmune retinopathy, lupus, and multiple sclerosis. An autoimmune disease can affect significant parts of the eye that, in turn, impact total vision. Symptoms such as blurriness, light sensitivity, and pain can all be indicative of eye problems related to an autoimmune disease. With medication and other vision treatments, individuals can halt the progression of eye damage and improve overall vision.

Ophthalmologists Treat Floaters and Flashes

An individual may experience spots in the line of vision. These tiny clumps of gel within the vitreous humor are often age-related. However, floating vitreous gel can be indicative of a serious eye problem. Flashes are occurrences of vitreous gel pulling on the retina. When either of these continues or worsens, it’s advisable to see an Ophthalmologist in Green Bay WI. This eye specialist can prevent damage to the retina and other parts of the eye.

Ophthalmologists Perform Glaucoma Surgery

When an individual has clouding of an eye lens, blurred vision can occur. Clouding of the eye lens prevents light rays from passing through the eye lens. Ophthalmology services can successfully remove this clouding from the eye. Glaucoma surgery on one of both eyes can restore normal vision or significantly improve it. Without ophthalmology services, glaucoma can worsen until a person is rendered blind.

Since vision is one of the most important faculties, it’s imperative to keep eyes as healthy as possible. An eye expert can detect and treat eye problems before they worsen and cause irreversible damage. For information on ophthalmology services, please talk to a specialist at Green Apple Eye Care or Visit Doing this can improve your vision and strengthen overall health.

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