How An Estate Planning Lawyer Can Help

A question many people ask themselves is, should I undertake estate planning on my own or should I hire an estate-planning lawyer in Westminster for assistance and guidance?

Effective estate planning is far more than preparing a list of your assets and dedicating them to certain individuals upon your death. Even simple wishes can become more complicated than you might think.

Your estate lawyer can accomplish things that would be difficult for you to do:

   * Make a custom will: You do not have to look far on the internet to find will templates. Most people’s affairs do not fit into neat little boxes. A will is your “legal legacy” and it is in the best interest of your heirs that your will is not invalidated because of some simple error. It is always better to have an estate planning lawyer draft your will from scratch.

   * What instruments suit your situation? For some people, a simple will is sufficient to ensure their estate is distributed in accordance with their wishes. For other people trusts may be needed; asset protection, charity, special needs, etc. An estate planning lawyer in Westminster can help you to create documents specifying your health care needs if you are unable to decide or perhaps you prefer a living will.

   * Time to update: The society in which we live is not static; the estate plan that was created last year may not work for today’s reality. Your assets can change, your family can change, and even a change in where you live may have an impact on your plans. Your estate planning attorney can help to ensure your plan is always up to date.

Ensuring that your estate is distributed in the way you want is something that should be taken seriously. It is always best to engage the professional services of an estate planning lawyer in Westminster.

Ensuring that your assets are distributed as you wish often takes the knowledge of a seasoned estate planning lawyer in Westminster. You are invited to contact the Law Offices of Norman J. Homen.

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