How a Heavy Duty Wrecker in Lumberton Differs from a Regular Tow Truck

by | Mar 20, 2017 | Towing Service

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Even a tow truck designed to transport passenger vehicles can be impressive to watch in action. Whether in the traditional, tow-behind layout or the flatbed style of wrecker that is often seen today, vehicles of these kinds deliver an important service throughout the area, around the clock, every day of the year. While passenger vehicle breakdowns likely account for a large majority of the tows that happen in the Lumberton area, there are other kinds of problems that need to be addressed as well. When larger commercial vehicles break down, a Heavy Duty Wrecker in Lumberton will often be needed to accommodate the greater scale, mass, and challenges that will inevitably be involved.

The average passenger car today weighs somewhere around thirty-five hundred pounds. Even just the tractor portion of an eighteen wheeler, on the other hand, can weigh five or six times that much while empty. While an empty trailer will often weigh a bit less than the tractor that pulls it, a full one will typically tip the scales several times more steeply. In other words, the sheer mass of even a common tractor trailer is something that is never to be overlooked.

When a vehicle of this formidable weight breaks down, a common tow truck will not typically be able to offer much in the way of relief. Just as an eighteen wheeler will be far larger and more massive than the average passenger vehicle, so will a wrecker capable of towing one be much more substantial and powerful than those used to pull cars and light trucks.

Beyond the specialized equipment required, jobs of these kinds often involve the use of some unusual skills as well. Where small vehicles can often be manhandled relatively easily into position for towing, it typically takes more strategy and preparation to get a stricken vehicle of a larger kind ready for the journey to come. Likewise will the actual towing of such vehicles often involve appropriate precautions of special kinds to ensure a safe, successful journey to the destination.

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