How A Divorce Attorney Helps in Decreasing Divorce Conflict

A divorce is one of the most emotionally stressful and potentially challenging events in anyone’s life. Often, even couples who initially seem to have an amicable separation may find that the conflict quickly escalates in having discussions about the division of property, assets, and debts.

However, the issue that is most likely to cause conflict in a divorce is the development of a co-parenting arrangement. Determining how much time children will spend with both parents, who will make decisions and how expenses relating to the children will be split between the couple can be extremely challenging.

Working with an experienced divorce attorney can help to dramatically reduce conflict in these highly emotionally charged discussions. These professionals have expertise in working with the other attorney and coming to compromises and collaborative agreements that allow both parents or both spouses to feel that the agreement is fair.

Anticipating Areas of Conflict

For couples, particularly with a first marriage, the divorce process can be a confusing one. By working with a divorce attorney that is familiar with the process as well as the areas that are most likely to be high conflict issues, advanced planning and discussion can be highly effective at reducing defensiveness and anger.

Removing Emotional Response

When the attorneys work directly with each other and negotiate on specific issues in the divorce, there is no emotional or personal agenda in the discussion. This is very different than the two spouses trying to sit down and come to an agreement on highly emotionally charged issues.

In addition, the divorce attorney can often point out the benefits or options that represent the best interests of his or her client. Issues such as how alimony is structured or how asset and liability division is completed may offer tax benefits or other advantages that are more beneficial to one person than the other.

With this information, it may be possible to arrive at a divorce agreement that is mutually beneficial to both parents and is in the best interests of any children in the marriage. This can make a difficult time in life much easier, not just during the divorce, but also in the years that follow.

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