Hot Saw: Blade And A Boom

The logging industry requires a few basic tools. One of the most common is a saw blade. Without such an item, cutting edges would essentially cease to exist. In the trade, the crosscut saw was a staple until after World War II. At this point, saws and axes began to take a back seat to chainsaws as the industry sought a means of increasing production methods to meet the demands of a postwar society. Technology had developed lighter materials to produce chainsaws that were easier to handle. Such equipment paled beneath later developments in the 1970s as the industry came up with a device consisting of a hot saw, blade and a boom.

What Is a Hot Saw?

A chain saw is excellent for a single individual to remove a single tree at a time. If, however, you require more than a single cutting to be made, you can either use several people cutting down trees or stumps with chainsaws or opt to purchase a hot saw. This piece of equipment has one purpose. It is to harvest several trees. This is conventional mechanized harvesting and cannot be accomplished without the hot saw.

A hot saw is part of a system that attaches a saw to a boom or similar device. It may be part of what is called a feller-buncher. It is similar to an excavator. It has the trade-mark tracks and a cab in which sits an operator. Yet, it also has a boom the operator controls. However, instead of having an excavating bucket at the end of the boom, it has a cutting head – the hot saw. The hot saw at the end of this sometimes 25 foot or more boom may even be able to swing the saw head until it circles tightly 360-degrees.

Purpose of the Hot Saw

The hot saw blade spins quickly, rotating in such a fashion as to remove the logs, tree branches, etc., without damaging any of the word. It can cut tree stumps and branches as thick as 30 inches. While it may cut through a single tree quickly, accurately and with minimal waste, loggers more frequently employ hot saws to slice through several trees at once. In doing so hot saws:

 * Reduce waste
 * Decrease the need for chainsaw use and, therefore workers for specific jobs
 * Improves the overall quality of the work
 * Can increase production while lowering cost
 * Improves safety
 * Addresses environmental concerns

These are basic reasons why companies choose to work with such technology.

Hot Saw Blade and a Boom

The hot saw introduced an element of speed and high performance to the logging industry. It combines this with low running costs and the ability to meet governmental and supply demands. The use of the hot saw blade has also gone a small way to reducing the waste that was too often a common characteristics of the logging industry in the past.

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