Hosting Alcohol-Free Wedding Receptions at Event Centers in Fort Wayne, IN

Guests who attend a wedding reception and dinner may be taken aback if there is no cake or dessert, but an even bigger surprise for some is when there is no alcohol on the premises. Some engaged couples do not want alcohol there because of religious reasons or a close family member recently beginning recovery. A dry wedding can be arranged at various event centers in Fort Wayne IN, but it’s up to the couple to inform their guests beforehand.

People coming to a wedding reception want to celebrate the couple’s marriage, but they also want to have fun. For some men and women, drinking alcohol has become an intrinsic aspect of having fun at social events. How does an engaged couple handle this when they are scheduling their big day at one of the Event Centers in Fort Wayne IN?

Realistic Expectations

It’s usually impossible to demand that every guest remain sober. Not having alcohol on the premises helps keep intake to a minimum, however. The guests who feel they must have a drink or two may choose to leave the party for a while. They are unlikely to get excessively intoxicated during that time, and they know they will be entirely out of place if they do so. If the reception is planned to last until late evening, perhaps with a dance, the couple may have to accept that some guests will bow out early because of the alcohol issue.

Results from one survey found that five percent of respondents said they would not even attend a wedding reception if there was no alcohol available. The couple might want to decide this is the problem of the individuals who can’t stay sober for one social event.

Religious Aspects

When religion is the main factor in not wanting alcohol served at a reception hosted by Classic Cafe Catering and Event Center, many or even most of the guests may also be associated with this particular faith. They will probably welcome the opportunity to attend a dry wedding and not have to deal with intoxicated men and women. Information on this particular service can be seen at Website Domain.

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