Homeowner Questions About Water Damage In Troy

A broken water pipe or a flood can cause serious water damage to a home and everything that’s inside. To minimize the destruction, a homeowner should contact a professional company that specializes in Water Damage in Troy as soon as possible. Read the questions and answers below to learn what needs to be done when a home is flooded.

Q.) What should a homeowner do when their home is damaged by water?

A.) If the flooding is due to a broken water pipe, a homeowner should immediately shut off the water valve that controls the water that comes into the home. For safety purposes, a homeowner should also turn off the electricity at the control box to prevent electrocution. Family members should not enter rooms that have water damage to the ceilings. After contacting a professional water damage restoration company, family members can begin removing the rugs from inside the home. Water damaged furniture and household belongings should also be taken outside.

Q.) What can happen if a water damage repair company isn’t called as soon as possible?

A.) Water that remains standing inside the home can ruin floors, walls and the structure of the house. Wood furniture will become water damaged and start to deteriorate. Metal appliances will begin to rust and corrode. Within 48 hours, mold will start growing in every part of the house that’s wet. Mold can be harmful when family members breathe in mold spores, and it can cause breathing difficulties in people who have allergies.

Q.) What does a water damage repair company do when they arrive at a home that’s flooded?

A.) To begin drying out the home, a qualified company that specializes in Water Damage in Troy will first place large dehumidifiers inside the house. After this step is complete, the crew strategically places high-powered dryers throughout the home to remove any lingering moisture. A chemical treatment is also applied to keep dangerous mold from growing.

Homeowners should contact a qualified company, such as Professional Fire Restoration Service, to clean the home and make any repairs caused by water damage. By taking care of the problem immediately, homeowners can reduce the amount of water damage to the home.

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