Hiring Water Management Services

The owners of multifamily units such as apartment buildings and condominiums face an increasing need to reduce any waste. When it comes to water, this is not, nor ever has been, solely an environmental issue. It is about efficiency and money management. For those who are serious about this, the answer lies in hiring one of the many water management services that have sprung in to being. Before you proceed to hire a company, it is important to ask the candidates a few pertinent questions.

Basic Questions for Evaluation Purposes

If you plan to hire a water management service, you need to go in prepared. It is always important to have a few questions to ask. In fact, not asking anything will not be helpful in getting you enough information to evaluate the company. Among the questions you need to consider are the following:

  * Billing: What types of billing services do you offer? Are there any payment options? Are there any specific costs passed on to the tenant or the building owner because of such payments?
  * Estimates: Does your company do actual or estimated bills? If the former, does it fall within the mandate of the local legislation?
  * Customer Service: How is customer service supplied – e-mail or phone? How does the company rate in response time? What is the general tone of those who supply customer service?
  * Training: Do you train your staff for such things as customer service, billing, etc.
  * Automation: How automated is the water management services meter reading and billing systems? How integrated are the systems of reading, reporting and billing?
  * Billing: How often do tenants get bills? How accurate are the utility bills i.e. what is the accuracy rate of the company? Do they fall within the state regulation?
  * Recourse: What types of recourse does a tenant have if they dispute the accuracy of a bill? How, in general, do you and your company handle disagreements with a tenant? Do you have different procedures for a simple and a more complex disagreement?
  * Liaison: Does your company have a policy on what you pass on to the owners or managers of the building? How often do you provide him or her with a report? Is it compatible with the accounting and other methods of the building owner?
  * Contractual Obligations: What does a standard billing contract with you involve? Is there a clause or option for terminating the contract and its services if the managing company fails to meet the standards required?
  * Lawsuits: Has the company recently been involved in a lawsuit? If so, what was the issue or circumstance?

These basic questions will help weed out the companies that are not capable of supplying legitimate services that meet your needs.

Water Management Services

If you want to find a company that will match the needs of your tenants and buildings, is not always easy. A brief internet search will provide you with a list a list that may seem overwhelming at first glance. Posing the right questions will help you reduce what could be an extensive list of water management services companies down to one.

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