Hiring A Termite Exterminator Can Save A Homeowner Thousands Of Dollars

Termites are perhaps the most expensive pests to deal with. Termites can consume a lot of wood which will eventually lead to structural damage in and around a building. The problem with termites is that they can go undetected for a long time. By the time, a homeowner finds out termites are present and hires a Termite Exterminator, a lot of damages may be already done. It’s good to know that there are some termite-control tips that homeowners can follow that can keep these annoying pests from invading and taking over their homes.

Perhaps the best tip is to hire Bowman Termite and Pest Management LLC or another exterminator to do a thorough inspection for termites. An exterminator can examine a house, garage, and trees on the property for signs of termites. This is a great way to catch a problem in its early stages when it is much easier to deal with. An inspection isn’t the only weapon in a homeowner’s termite-fighting arsenal. Knowing that winged termites establish colonies during the spring months can help homeowners kill the pests before they can establish a colony. Winged termites resemble winged ants. They should be killed on sight.

A Termite Exterminator knows to look for signs of mud tubes by a building’s foundation. A homeowner can do the same thing. The tubes can be opened up to verify that termites are inside of them. However, empty tubes do not mean that there aren’t any termites present. Whenever tubes are found by a home, further investigation is warranted. Wood that termites have invaded will also have hollow tubes inside of it. These tubes will usually have a mud or dirt lining. Exterminators refer to the tubes as feeding galleries.

It’s important to understand that the outside of damaged wood may not show any signs of a termite infestation. This is because termites will usually make tunnels inside of the wood. Too many tunnels will eventually affect the structural integrity of the wood. Wood that is badly damaged by termites will have to be replaced. Exterminators will often treat the soil around the home with insecticides to completely remove termites from a property. You can also like them on Facebook for more information.

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