Here’s How to Choose a Qualified Arborist for Your Property’s Trees

by | Jun 18, 2019 | Tree Service

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If you own a home in Georgia, it’s likely that you have a few trees in your yard. Although trees can provide shade, they are living things that must be handled with care.

Unless you understand a tree’s biology, it can be challenging for you to take care of your trees properly. That’s the reason you should hire an arborist in Newnan, GA, to keep your trees in good condition. Here are a few tips to help you find a suitable arborist for your needs.

Ask About Experience
Taking care of a tree requires more than just putting mulch around its base, which is why you should hire an experienced arborist in Newnan, GA.

All trees aren’t the same. Some have different watering and pruning requirements. Be sure to determine how much experience a tree company has before hiring them to tend to your landscaping.

Find Out About Licensing
While it’s true that a local handyman may have experience with trees, have you thought about what could happen if a person gets injured while working in your yard?

You could be held responsible for any injuries on your property. Only hire an arborist who is licensed and bonded. Although professional arborists may charge more money, it could save you a good deal of money if an accident occurs.

Check Online Reviews
What do previous customers have to say about the arborist that you’re thinking of hiring? Take a look at online reviews to get a good idea of the kind of customer service that the company offers and if it is to a satisfactory standard.

Get a Written Estimate
Verbal estimates aren’t as good as written ones. Always ask for written estimates before the job is done.

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