Here’s How Best to Work With a Sewing Contractor

Sewing contractors are necessary for various industries, from small-time independent designers to industries where custom-made heavy duty uniforms need to be worn.

Some sewing contractors specialize in styles and design, others specialize in utility, but all the quality ones are diligent and work with you to achieve whatever goal it is your company needs achieved. The key, however, to working with quality sewing contractors like those at Polo Custom Products, is knowing what to expect from these professionals.

They Are Always Busy

A quality sewing contractor will be busy, all the time. That means getting your foot in the door is something that may be necessary on your end rather than theirs – you need to make an appointment, stick to it, and be punctual at all times. If you want quality work, you’ll have to work with them.

As per Startup Fashion, in most fashion cases, a sewing contractor will ask you for a style ticket, color swatches, and other such details – but in the case of more industrial work, such as when designing equipment and protective gear for military applications and work in hazardous environments, functionality goes above and beyond everything else. This means you have to:

Present a Checklist

When creating protective gear, sewing contractors will be most interested in knowing what their products will have to stand up against – so be sure to specify the kind of work you do and in what environments, from radiation to chemical hazards, and how much functionality is needed in terms of number of pockets/pouches, lumbar support, shoulder support and other functions.

Consider Pricing Carefully

Typically, clothing and gear manufacturers lower their cost per piece the more pieces to buy – but take into consideration first how many pieces you really need before buying a larger quantity of pieces on the basis of a long-term cost benefit. Also keep in mind that, as per the Portland Fashion Institute, reliable sewers always leave themselves a lot of lead to time ensure they deliver despite possible mishaps in production – if all goes smoothly, your product could be done much sooner than advertised.

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