Helping Fix A Broken Tooth With A Dentist in Panama City Beach FL

Once upon a time, a knocked-out or broken tooth meant the loss of that tooth. That’s not the case anymore, provided you can get to a Dentist in Panama City Beach FL within hours of the break or tooth coming out. There are also other steps you need to take to ensure the tooth is saved. Here are first aid tips from Personal Attention Dental Center.

When to Call 911

If your child or another person with a knocked out or broken tooth has other more threatening injuries or becomes unconscious, call 911 immediately.

Control Bleeding, Pain and Swelling

Let’s say your teenager fell and knocked out a tooth while playing sports. First, control any bleeding by having the injured teen bite down on a clean towel or gauze. Ice bags or cold packs help with pain and swelling. Over the counter painkillers like acetaminophen also help with pain and swelling.

Gather The Tooth

If the tooth has been completely knocked out, you can often place the tooth right back into the holes in the gums. You should still take the injured person to a Dentist in Panama City Beach FL as soon as possible. Only handle a tooth by the biting end – not the roots. Do not rinse off or scrub away any flesh or red material. Place the tooth or pieces of tooth in a container of milk or wrapped in a wet paper towel and then a plastic baggie. Take tooth or tooth pieces and the injured person to an emergency dentist as soon as possible. It’s good to call the dentist’s office before you leave so the dentist and staff can make the office ready for the injured person. Even broken teeth can sometimes be bonded together, saving the roots.

What About A Baby Tooth?

Baby teeth that are completely knocked out are not such a medical emergency since the teeth would come out eventually. It’s important to stop any bleeding, control pain and swelling and get your child to an emergency room if there are other injuries of if there could be a chance of a head injury as a concussion. Click here to know more.

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