Helpful Tips and Strategies for Rodents Control Wellington Florida

by | Sep 30, 2016 | Pest Control

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The last thing most homeowners want to see is a mouse scurrying across the floor of their home. However, rather than panicking when this issue arises, take action with the tips and strategies here for Rodents Control Wellington Florida. Being informed and knowing want can do can help ensure the rodent problem is eliminated and that it doesn’t come back.

The Basics of Rodent Control

Mice and rats are not only a nuisance, but their presence can also result in property damage and the transmission of diseases. A homeowner will know they have an issue with rodents if they see droppings near food or shredded paper or fabric. If rodents are identified, there are a number of steps to take for Rodents Control Wellington Florida.

The strategy of removing rodents with poisons and traps won’t keep the rodents away from the home in the future. If a homeowner wants to keep mice and rats out of their space permanently, they will need to take steps to prevent access into the structure to begin with. Attractions should also be eliminated, which includes water and food, by keeping it in containers that have been tightly sealed and by repairing pipes that are leaky.

Access Sites

Once a homeowner knows they have a rodent issue, they need to eliminate common access points. This includes holes in cabinets or closets and around doors that lead into the crawl space or the exterior of the home; holes around appliance pipes or sinks; cracked areas in the basement or attic; holes present near doors or windows; or screens that are missing in crawl spaces or vents. After all the access points are blocked, then the homeowner should take the next step in rodents control in Wellington Florida, which is to remove all sources of water and food.

Rodents are not only a huge source of annoyance, they can be downright dangerous. They carry all types of diseases and if the issue isn’t contained quickly, it will only become worse. If homeowners would like more information on getting rid of this problem for good, they can contact the staff at Above Beyond Pest Control in Wellington Florida. Being informed is the best way to handle a rodent problem.

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