Helpful Skid Steer Rental Tips

Skid Steer loaders are sometimes called Bobcats because the brand is synonymous with the equipment. They are perfect for moving and shaping the ground and hauling loose materials like dirt, rock, sand, and gravel. For some jobs, you’ll want more than one Bobcat so you may need to rent another one. In this case, you should consider skid steer rental specialists for your Los Angeles business. But which machine should you use? Let’s take a closer look at the issue to see.

Work Area

Are you working on a customer’s lawn? If so, you’ll want to use the smallest possible machine for your project. This helps to lessen the chances of damage to grass, plants, and the terrain. However, if you are reshaping or replacing a lawn, size is not the most important matter.

Track Loaders

A compact track loader runs on a track instead of wheels and will do less damage to a lawn than large tires. Also, these machines give you the best possible traction, and if the ground is uneven, wet, or slippery, you should ask your skid steer rental company in Los Angeles about track loaders.

Operating Capacity

It’s important to know how much your Bobcat machine can handle. For example, the rated operating capacity (ROC) is how much the machine can pick up without tipping over. For example, if your truck has a three thousand pound ROC, this includes the truck (bucket and tires), a full tank of fuel, and an operator weighing about 175 pounds.

Operating Tips

Make sure all people and animals are clear of your machine before starting. Look for hazards like power lines, electric cords, and obstructions. Inspect the tires, engine, bucket, and hydraulic system. If you notice problems, contact your skid steer rental company in Los Angeles as soon as possible. They are there to make sure your equipment runs smoothly and safely.

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