Heat Pumps Keep Sussex Warm

Though many do not think about heat pumps, Sussex is full of the useful invention. Whether it is used in a home, retail business or even storage facility heat pumps keep everyone comfortable and items safe from extreme heat and cold. The heat pump is a energy-friendly way to heat a home and has several other uses as well. With new technologies popping up regularly there is surely a heat pump to satisfy every Sussex customer. No matter which heat pump is used regular maintenance is necessary to continue the energy savings.

What Are Heat Pumps?

Most Sussex homes use a variety of heat pumps and don’t even realize it. Heat pumps can be used to warm things or cool things depending on the appliance. The most common heat pumps are used to warm a home in the winter and the refrigerator. Whole house heat pumps work by taking air from outdoors, removing the heat from the air, and then circulating the heat throughout the building. Heat pumps in Sussex are part of a larger heating or cooling system. Duct work must be in place for the warm air to be circulated. In refrigerators the process is reversed. Air is taken into the heat pump, hot air is removed and the remaining cold air is pushed into the refrigerator.

Do Heat Pumps in Sussex Save Money?

Heat pumps, when working properly, can save Sussex homeowners a lot of money on monthly utility bills. Because heat pumps only use a small amount of electricity to power the pump very little energy is spent. As technology continues to grow and expand many new, even more efficient heat pumps are hitting the markets. Geothermal heat pumps utilize the constant temperature of the ground, deep below the surface, to produce a steady heat inside the home with very little electricity use making it a wonderful and sustainable energy option for homes.

Is Maintenance Really Necessary?

Maintenance is necessary for every appliance. Heat pumps are no difference and although many Sussex families try to avoid maintenance visits in the end they are recommended. Regular cleaning and inspections of heat pump systems keep it running at its highest efficiency and can catch small problems before they become major catastrophes. Some people might think they can do the maintenance themselves. While some may be able to it is recommended that only a professional technician perform inspections as they have the training to remain safe and find potential problems.

Heat pumps are a wonderful method of keeping homes warm or cool depending on the season. For very little electricity heat can be removed from the air instead of being created. Most homes and businesses can benefit from a heat pump and many already have one installed. By talking to a heat pump professional home owners can learn about new heat pumps and the possibility of updating current systems. Thanks to the technology behind heat pumps, Sussex homes stay nice and warm all winter long.


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Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps

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