Have You Spoken to a Divorce Lawyer in Shelby County, OH Yet?

If you want to get a divorce, you have several ways to do so in Ohio. These options may include a no-fault dissolution of marriage, where both you and your partner amicably separate, or mediation. You may also use collaborative law assistance or go ahead with adversarial proceedings in a court of law.

Remain Calm and Objective

Naturally, a divorce can spark emotions that you did not feel previously. Therefore, you need to remain calm and objective. The best way to do so is to speak to a divorce lawyer in Shelby County, OH, and have him or her direct you in your case. Many divorce attorneys suggest mediation, especially if you and your spouse’s goals about property division or child custody are not the same.

What Mediation Involves

If you ask a divorce lawyer to provide mediation services, you and your spouse will work with a legal mediator to come to terms on these matters. Collaborative law, a relatively new way to work through a divorce, permits each spouse to agree not to go to court and work with an attorney to come to an amicable settlement.

Explain Your Individual Circumstances

To choose the best option for you, again, you need to confer with a divorce lawyer. Explain the circumstances around your divorce so he or she can better assess the situation. By speaking to a lawyer, you can decide more easily what measure to take. While you can have one attorney represent both you and your spouse in the matter, it is usually not advised. Each partner should receive help from separate attorneys, so no further conflicts arise.

What You Should Do Next

Learn more about us and our legal offerings by going online today. Decide to go forward with your divorce by seeking legal counsel first. That is the best way to come to a resolution that is both fair and equitable.

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