Have You Heard About the Hula Kahiko in Hawaii?

The only place in the US where you can enjoy the tradition of Polynesian dance is Hawaii. In fact, you cannot think about Hawaii without thinking about the Hula. When the dance is featured in a luau, sometimes it is displayed in its traditional form. The traditional form is different than the modernized version, so it is fun to watch when dancers perform.

Memorable Entertainment – Hawaiian Style

If you want to attend a luau that is memorable, you will want to check out the featured entertainment. The hula kahiko in Hawaii is a type of hula dance that took place before 1894. It does not include the use of modern instruments, such as the ukulele or the guitar. This type of dance is very expressive, as it covers all types of the dance forms – from solemn to happy.

Whether you see the hula kahiko being performed or a more contemporary version of the hula, you will be mesmerized by this sort of luau entertainment. The old dance form of the hula involved chanting and was performed for religious reasons. The dance honored gods or praised a community’s chief. Some of the ornaments that were worn included anklets or bracelets that feature whale bones or teeth. Dancers also donned interwoven flowers called leis.

Some of the Dance Wear

Women who dance the hula kahiko wear short skirts called pa’us while the men wear malos or loincloths. When you see this type of dance performance, you are experiencing Hawaiian history. Therefore, when booking reservations for a luau, ask about the dance. Getting to see a traditional form of the hula will make the time you spend at the function entertaining and educational.

Where to Learn More Online

You can learn more about Polynesian dance in Hawaii and the events at a luau when you click here. Find out all you can before you book a Hawaiian holiday. You will be glad that you did.

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