Great Ideas for Fundraising for Non-profits

by | Jan 17, 2017 | consulting

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If you’re new to non-profit work, you may be a little concerned about fundraising for your organization. There are many different approaches you can take to fundraising. Non-profits use different tactics depending upon the type of organization and its goals. Here are four fundraising activities that work well for many different non-profit organizations.

1. Silent Auctions – Individuals and businesses donate items to be auctioned off during a fundraising event. The proceeds from the auction go directly to the non-profit organization. These are usually done in conjunction with another event, such as a dinner event.

2. Monthly giving campaigns. Many organizations rely on monthly giving campaigns to ensure regular cash flow for their non-profits. In these campaigns, donors pledge an amount they will contribute each month for a year. This regular giving helps organizations budget more easily.

3. Runs or other Athletic Events – Walks and runs are very popular for fundraising for non-profits. At these events, walkers or runners participate in the event while asking others to sponsor them. The contributions made to each athlete participating go directly to the organization. These events are fun and can be highly advertised to raise awareness along with funds.

4. Wine Tastings – These events offer an elegant evening out for donors, while fundraising for non-profits. Guests are treated to a wine tasting where they learn about and enjoy wines and appetizers. Guests pay admission to the tasting, and often pay for wines by the glass after the tasting is completed. The non-profit pays wholesale for the wines and appetizers, pocketing the profit from the event.

There are certainly other events that are popular fundraising events for non-profits. To learn the most popular fundraising events for nonprofits in Minnesota, talk to other local charities to see what has worked for them.

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