Great Accessories Keep Officers Looking Ready for Duty

An officer’s uniform and accessories is an important part of his presence in the local community. Officers are expected to keep their uniforms looking clean and neat, and deserve to have coordinating accessories that look duty ready, as well.

Belts, holsters, handcuff cases and belt straps are among the most used accessories. These need to be rugged, as each receives a lot of wear and tear from officers in the field.

In addition to durability, accessories need to be easy for officers to access during times of use. Items like handcuff holders and holsters must provide quick and easy access to the items they hold, since fumbling for accessories could create a life or death situation.

For this reason, law enforcement departments across the country rely on a few trusted brands, like Safariland for their accessories. These products have been tested and proven to hold up well to the wear and tear an officer puts his accessories through, as well as being easy to open and access when required.

If you’re searching for products for your department, look at items like the Safariland handcuff case and holster. These items are some of the most popular in the Safariland line, because of how professional they look, and how well they hold up in even the most rugged conditions. They’ve been tested by officers in the field, and proven to be ready for even the most stressful situations. The Safariland handcuff case fits perfectly on the officer’s belt, making wearing such accessories comfortable and functional.

Talk to other law enforcement departments to see which brands they trust to provide the all-important accessories that help keep officers looking great and ready for anything the day brings. Safariland is sure to be at the top of the list for many law enforcement departments.

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