Good Things to Know about the Vacuum Leak Detector

Most manufacturers have to be concerned with their product packaging for several reasons. Some products must have tight seals that do not let in any air. This is important for items that must remain sterile. A quality vacuum leak detector can be used to test leaks in a safe and cost-effective way. Here are some of the benefits of this kind of equipment.

Detecting Leaks in a Vacuum

Most vacuum type leak detection equipment works by creating a vacuum inside of an air tight container. To test packaging, you open the test chamber and insert the package. It’s usually a product like a plastic bottle or blister pack. The testing chamber has special fittings for hoses, and the equipment pumps out all the air from inside the container as the test begins.

The vacuum in the chambers collapses the test container, and this creates a pressure differential across the test product. The vacuum leak detector machine can measure pressure movement from high to low, and this will indicate if there is a leak in the product. If there are no leaks, there should not be any air movement in or out of the package. By taking pressure readings at different intervals, the leak rate can be determined. This is known as a vacuum decay testing method. On the other hand, some systems use air pressure instead of a vacuum, and this is called pressure decay leak detection.

Benefits of the Vacuum Leak Detector

When you check for leaks with a vacuum system, there is no need to destroy or ruin the package being tested. Because it’s non-destructive, you can save a lot of money over time. Vacuum detection is a safe method because your packages do not burst or explode. Unlike dye and bubble testing methods, you get some of the most accurate leak detection readings.

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