Good Reasons To Buy A New Car

by | Mar 3, 2017 | Automotive

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In the past there were two ways to get a car; buy a new one or buy a used one. Today there are more options, not only new and used but you can lease a new car as well as a certified pre-owned car. Each option has its good and bad points. Some buyers are dead against buying a new car because of the depreciation, others will not buy a used car because you might just be buying someone else’s problems. With so many options, obviously the choice is yours, but if you want to buy a new Volvo in Schaumburg there are a few good reasons to do so.

Reliability: For the majority of buyers there are three key factors when they make a buying decision; exterior appearance, interior styling and reliability. As there is little doubt that a new Volvo in Schaumburg is more reliable than any used car consumers can better fulfill their “wish list” when they buy new.

Warranty: New Volvos come with a very generous warranty, if something fails to work or breaks, even after the factory warranty expires, the Volvo Service Advantage program continues to provide parts and service as long as you service it at the dealership.

Safety: Volvo cars have been known for many years as being amongst the safest cars on the road. Volvo continues to work on safety, a new Volvo is fitted with a suite of intelligent technologies that focus on preventing a collision and if a collision is unavoidable, lessening the impact.

Technology: New generation cars have gotten very “smart.” Today’s new cars include internet connectivity, smart phone integration, instant access to GPS navigational aids and more.

Know the cars history: When you buy a new Volvo in Schaumburg, you know the cars history. You know exactly where it came from, you know it has never figured in an accident and you know it is in perfect condition. Although it is possible to get a report on a used cars history, it is not a guarantee that you won’t be faced with another owners problems.

When you opt for a new Volvo in Schaumburg you know that the car you get will be safe, reliable, equipped with the best technology available and covered by a great warranty. You are invited to discuss your new Volvo by visiting McGrath Volvo Cars Barrington.

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