Give Your Bathroom A New Look With Granite Countertops

by | Jul 3, 2017 | Home Improvement

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While many people love the idea of natural stone countertops for their Minneapolis kitchen, they may be overlooking the decorating and design possibilities for granite countertops in a maaster bathroom or ensuite.

There are many reasons to choose granite for a bathroom countertop. Remember, this is a very practical stone to work with and can also be used in showers, on floors or backsplash areas or walls behind vanities for a stunning and dramatic effect.

Different textures can be used on the granite to create a smooth, polished surface for the countertop, backsplash and tub or shower area with a honed look often favored for floors as well as around fixture on walls on in shower stalls.

Color Options

One of the reasons that granite countertops are so popular for a bathroom is the wide variety of colors that are possible. Some are very dramatic in vibrant blue patterns, golds, blacks, reds and amazing onyx types of patterns.

With all the veining and patterning through the stone, it is a great small space countertop, adding enough pop and detail without being overwhelming.

Spa Look

Creating a comfortable, personal spa or relaxation area in the bathroom is easy to accomplish with the use of granite. The colors, patterns, and options in granite countertops allow for it to blend perfectly with other natural materials for a very calming and warm looking space.


One concern for many Minneapolis homeowners is the durability of natural stone in the bathroom. Granite is the ideal choice as once it is sealed. Sealing makes it resistant to stains and also non-porous, allowing it to stand up to frequent cleanings with approved granite cleaners.

The grant can also be resealed as needed but with new sealants, this process is typically not a concern unless abrasive types of cleaning products are used on the surface. Sealants typically last five or more years with little maintenance.

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