Getting The Right Look: Company Shirts With Embroidered Logos

Regardless of the size of business, having the option to use company shirts with embroidered logos is a benefit for both the employee and the business. This will meet all IRS or Internal Revenue Service Requirements for a deduction if the employer requires that the shorts be worn as part of the uniform for the business and are not also worn for personal or everyday use. This is a benefit for employees.

This allows the employees to write off the purchase of the company shirts with embroidered logos. This is a real benefit to employees as other types of clothing that can be worn outside of work is not deductible. Companies can also provide these shirts to employees as part of the work dress code and free of charge, in which case the business will take the deduction.

Getting the Right Look

Creating a corporate or company look that passes the IRS requirements and also lets your employees have some options in what they want to wear is important. By adding a corporate logo, name or information the shirt is no longer just another shirt; it is part of the uniform.

Many companies choose several different styles of corporate uniforms. This can include different options in company shirts with embroidered logos to address different seasons and to also allow diversity it the workplace while staying to a common theme.

Most business owners will choose a corporate uniform that is easy to distinguish. This allows the customers to easily spot an employee, while also giving the employees a comfortable type of shirt and trouser combination to wear.

The Benefits

The benefits of having a corporate uniform, besides the tax benefits mentioned earlier, include a simple security system for your employees. It is easy to spot a particular color or grouping of colors, which will allow employees to determine if people in the store or business are in the right locations.

If the company only allows two or three different colors of shirts that are all the same style and have the same corporate insignia, there is a very limited risk of someone gaining access to a secure or out of bounds area and being mistaken for staff.

For management, the use of a standard dress shirt or a few different styles approved by the company wipes out dress code issues. This can be a sore spot for many managers, so virtually eliminating it allows managers to focus on more important issues while employees all dress according to the company requirements.

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