Getting Help From a Septic Service in Baltimore MD When Problems Develop

When residential property owners suspect or know that something is wrong with their private wastewater treatment system, they call for septic service in Baltimore MD. Often the problem is obvious, such as a sewer backup from a basement floor drain. In other cases, they notice possible see signs of trouble, like the grass being greener above the place where the tank is buried. Weird noises may come from the drain pipes, including gurgling sounds indicating that the water is not flowing freely.

Causes of Sewer Backups

Sometimes backups are caused by the behavior of the household residents and their guests, such as routinely flushing tampons and other things that accumulate in the tank. In other instances, tree roots growing into the pipe to the tank cause backups. That’s a common problem in sewer pipes in municipalities as well.

Frequently, backups are caused by a combination of these issues. Tampons, dental floss, paper towels and other items that don’t degrade get tangled up in the roots and cause a blockage. This requires the help of a Septic Service in Baltimore MD. The technicians dig down to the tank, pump the system and inspect it, and cut away the invading roots. They may apply herbicide to kill roots that continue to grow there. This does not harm the tree, which may be a concern to the customers.

Ending Frequent Problems

If people have problems with the septic system more frequently than is normal, they will need to modify their behavior significantly to make this stop. In addition to no longer flushing materials that don’t dissolve well, if at all, they may need to quit using the garbage disposal. Switching from thick, plush toilet paper to a product that dissolves easily is another recommended strategy. They may need to adjust their water usage, since too much water use in a short time can overload the tank.

Technicians with an organization such as Saffer Plumbing & Heating can provide many tips about keeping the system running effectively and preventing damage to the pipes, tank or drain field.

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