Geting Things Ready for the Roofers in Edmonds

Now that the date is set for the Roofers in Edmonds to install a new residential roof, the homeowner can focus on getting things ready around the house. There’s really not much that has to take place, but taking care of a few details will make things move faster and ensure the installation is done sooner rather than later. Here are some ideas on how to prepare before the team arrives.

Clear a Spot for the Supplies

Many Roofers in Edmonds will deliver flats with shingles and other supplies a day or two before the replacement gets underway. It pays for the homeowner to clear a spot for those flats in advance. Keep in mind they need to be as close to the house as possible. That will make it all the easier for the roofing team to grab what they need, ascend to the roof, and get to work.

Complete Access to the Driveway

Before the team can show up, move the car out of the driveway. Parking on the street or making arrangements to borrow a neighbor’s driveway are two options. This solution actually benefits everyone involved. If the homeowner needs to run errands, getting to the car without asking a member of the crew to move a vehicle will be easy. The roofers can park closer to the house and have easier access to any tools or other small supplies that they brought along just in case they were needed.

Keep the Pets Inside

While the family dog may spend a fair amount of the day in the back yard, that needs to change before the roofers arrive. Keep the pet in for the day. Make sure there are plenty of toys to play with, lots of water to drink, and a few treats to enjoy during the day. While the dog may be friendly, the roofers can move faster if they don’t have to step around a curious pet every time they need to take something to the roof.
Getting ready for a new roof is not that difficult. Spend some time looking around and deciding what would make things easier on the team. The effort will be appreciated and pay off in the form of getting the job done as quickly as possible.

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