Get Younger, Firmer and Less Puffy Skin With a Facial Massage in Maui

Overworked, tense and tired people already know that a professional massage is a great way to boost their feeling of overall wellness and help to reduce stress. What is missing from many of these massages is that they focus more on the body than they do the face. A facial massage in Maui should also be performed as it promotes the same health benefits as a body massage and more.

Similar to Facials

Many of the techniques used in this type of massage are the same as what is done when a facial is performed. The benefit of choosing a massage rather than a facial is that it offers a more in-depth treatment. It is an option for people that avoid traditional facials because of their allergies or sensitive skin.

Promotes Better Circulation

Facial massages improve the circulation of blood in the face. Blood flow is what brings a rosy color to the cheeks and brightens the rest of the skin. Better circulation also reduces blotchy skin and makes the skin firmer and more youthful in appearance. All of these benefits take place because improved circulation allows the skin cells to get the nutrition and oxygen they need.

Improves Lymph Circulation

The face contains a number of lymph nodes and good drainage of this system reduces puffiness. The lymph nodes in the face are in the forehead, around the eyes, and along the jawline. Massaging these areas helps to reduce forehead wrinkles, reduces the puffy skin above and below the eyes and improves the firmness along the jawline so there is less sagging.

Increases Skin Repair

Getting a Facial Massage in Maui is also useful for encouraging collagen production in the skin. Collagen helps to make the skin smoother and firmer. It is a very important step for anyone that wants to reduce or slow the look of aging.

The results of a facial massage are evident immediately. Continued improvement of the skin occurs when routine massages take place. Experts recommend a monthly facial for anyone that wants to boost their appearance as much as possible. Click here to learn about the additional anti-aging skin services that are available.

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