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by | Jun 13, 2017 | Lawyers

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What is the number of phone calls a debt collection service is allowed to make each day? Are they allowed to contact employers or others or leave messages on an answering machine? Many people in debt search for answers to these questions every day. Their life is often completely overtaken by their struggle to prevent the loss of everything they have worked so hard to obtain. The only reliable source for all of these questions is a debt collection attorney in St. Louis, MO.

When is the right time to contact an attorney about debt?

A short-term hardship that puts people behind on their bills is usually manageable. There may be some collection letters or phone calls, but people can normally recover if their income is enough to cover their bills once the hardship has ended. It is time to call if paying bills is now impossible due to an illness or job loss or the individual is so far behind they cannot meet their obligations.

What is an attorney able to do to help?

A debt collection attorney in St. Louis, MO informs clients of their rights and makes certain that debt collectors are not breaking any laws with their collection methods. They look over their client’s income and expenses and search for the most beneficial solution.

Is bankruptcy the only answer to overwhelming debt?

There may be no viable option other than bankruptcy by the time people contact an attorney. Some debtors benefit from a restructuring of their debt; they have the opportunity to repay what they owe and avoid the loss of any business or personal property. Clients may also be able to negotiate with their creditors to create a repayment plan.

When is bankruptcy the best option?

Bankruptcy erases debts, and it often allows people to keep their vehicles and homes, and reduces their expenses to an amount they can handle. Bankruptcy stops collection calls and gives people the chance to start over. It is the best option for anyone that is overwhelmed with debt and tired of feeling fear every time the phone rings.

Debt does not have to ruin lives or make people miserable. There is always a way out. Visit to learn more about the options available to everyone. A single consultation will help people to decide if this is the right choice for them.

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