Get a Garage Door Replacement in Arlington Heights after a Storm

by | May 2, 2016 | Garage Door

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If you get a garage door replacement in Arlington Heights, IL, after a storm it can be easy or hard. You can either have an easy experience by choosing a professional that understands how to take care of your garage door problems or you can have a frustrating time dealing with a person that does not really understand the process involved.   You may lose out on valuable insurance claim help. A professional can help you with your insurance claim. Many people are surprised to find that the damage can be covered by homeowners insurance. Of course you have to have the right support to ensure that you can get the insurance coverage.

Insurance and Your Garage Door

When there is storm damage to your garage door and you have a homeowners policy there is a very good chance that the insurance company will cover replacement costs. Using the right service can ensure that the paperwork goes through without a hitch!

Some Examples of Storm Damage that May Be Covered

When you think about storm damage and your garage doors you may think that garage door replacement is only covered by your homeowners when your doors are completely ripped from the house. While it is true that if your doors are ripped away from the house during a storm you will be covered it is also true that in many cases the following will also be covered:

Hail damage
Burns from lighting strikes
Being bent from the wind
Other damages

Before you decide that your homeowners won’t cover the damage from a storm you may want to check with a professional that specializes in replacement of garage doors, they will best be able to assist you because they will have experience dealing with insurance companies. Roberts Garage Door Professionals can give you the support you need after a storm!

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