Garage Door Tips from the Pros Offering Garage Door Repair Services in Venice, FL.

If the garage door is not functioning correctly, it can be very frustrating. There could be an easy fix involved, or it may be more complicated and require the work of a professional specializing in garage door repair services in Venice, FL. Here are some tips to be more aware of the situation.

1) If the garage door opens but can only make it halfway up, the spring may be broken. This will make the door very heavy, as the spring is obviously not helping to open the door and the opener will automatically shut off. It is highly recommended that professional repair service be performed as the weight of the door can be very dangerous.

2) If the door is able to go up part way, or even all the way, but is not straight in the door track, it is a good indicator that either a cable is broken or the door has come off track. It is not uncommon for the door to become so crooked that the track becomes damaged. Again, in instances such as this, it is wise to have the door professionally repaired.

3) If the door makes loud grinding noises while opening, it indicates that the rollers have become very worn. In extreme cases, they become so worn that the wheels fall apart. The rollers should always be replaced with new ones, and they should all be replaced at the same time. Depending on the size of the door, the number of rollers will range from 10 to 12.

4) If the garage door opener is not working at close range, this is usually an easy fix that is a simple DIY job. Check to see if the batteries are working properly and change them if they are not. If a power outage was experienced, it might be necessary to re-program the unit. Follow the instructions provided in the owner’s manual to do this.

These are some of the most common problems experienced by people. If other problems are being experienced, or if any other questions need to be asked, a reputable and professional company such as Discount Garage Doors Inc. may be called to perform garage door repair services in Venice, FL. Don’t let the problem get worse when the pros can fix the problem easily.

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