Freshen Your Table With Mint. Mint Table Runners, That Is!

Nothing conveys freshness quite like mint. There’s a reason almost all commercial toothpaste is made with mint flavors, and why mints are offered after dinner. Mint is bright, mint is fresh, and mint is cool. Although some people can get away with mint green walls, mint is usually used best as an accent color. Mint is one of those colors that, when used judiciously and intelligently, can really enhance the overall look and feel of a space. A mint green table runner is one of the best places to incorporate a splash of color in your dining area. Here’s why:

First, a table runner can be changed. If you ever tire of the color, all you have to do is switch out the table runner. Experimenting with mint green in your table runner is the perfect way to ease into a color you are not comfortable with immediately.

Second, a mint table runner is perfect for throwing dinner parties. If you throw a lot of parties, you probably want to change things up a bit. Just like you would not serve the same menu each time, you might want to think about slight changes to the decor. Adding a new color to your table is a subtle but smart sign of being a great host.

Third, a mint green table runner is a mood enhancer. Mint green is a cheerful, light, and bright color. It can liven up an area that lacks a lot of natural light, adding character to otherwise dull surroundings. The right color for your table runner also allows you to play around with other elements of your table setting.

Finally, never be afraid of color. Using dramatic shades like mint green can be daunting at first, but once you get used to effective design and color pairing schemes, it will all come second nature to you.

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