Frequently Asked Questions About Visiting A Dentist For A Sleep Disorder In Cedar City UT

Snoring while sleeping is a very common sleep disorder among individuals of every age. Many people who suffer from snoring don’t realize they can get relief from a Sleep Disorder Cedar City UT area dentist. Individuals who snore should read the frequently asked questions below to learn more information about visiting a dentist for snoring problems.

What are some of the reasons why individuals snore loudly while sleeping?

There are various reasons that individuals snore loud enough to awaken themselves or other family members in the household while they sleep. Many times these individuals have certain health conditions, such as sleep apnea, obesity, an obstruction in the nasal passage or hypothyroidism, that cause loud snoring. Other factors that can contribute to snoring include drinking alcohol, smoking, and allergies.

What types of treatments are provided by dentists for individuals who snore?

One of the most common treatments for snoring that’s provided by a dentist is oral appliance therapy. This type of treatment consists of wearing an oral appliance during the night while sleeping. This type of dental appliance is very similar to a mouth guard that individuals wear while playing sports. When the appliance is worn, it helps to keep the airway open during sleep and helps to prevent the individual from snoring.

What should individuals expect when they visit a dentist for relief from snoring?

When individuals schedule an appointment with a Sleep Disorder Cedar City UT area dentist, they will first consult with the dentist about their sleeping and snoring issues. The dentist will explain the treatment process to the patient and answer any questions. The next step is to evaluate the patient by performing an examination and making an impression of the individual’s teeth. The impression will then be sent to the laboratory so the oral appliance can be made to precisely fit the patient. During the next dental appointment, the dentist will place the appliance in the patient’s mouth and make any necessary adjustments for a proper fit.

Individuals who can’t get the amount of sleep they need because of snoring issues should contact a sleep disorder dentist at Gentle Family Dentistry & Orthodontics.

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