Four Parts That May Wear Out on Fourth-Generation Dodge Ram Trucks

Dodge Ram trucks are known for their extreme reliability with many people reporting driving them for more than 350,000 miles. At the same time, there are some common parts that tend to wear out on them.

The first piece that may wear out is the one-piece upper ball joint. You may choose to replace this joint with another one like it or go with an after-market park allowing you to change out the whole control arm. Watch for used Dodge Ram parts for sale to fix this problem.

Especially if you have cloth seats, the seat bolsters may be another part that you need to replace. You can make these last longer if you lift yourself out of the Dodge Ram truck instead of dragging across the seat. Nonetheless, as you get in and out of your truck numerous times, this part that is relatively easy to replace tends to wear out.

As you approach having 80,000 miles on your truck, you may want to consider replacing the cast-iron exhaust manifold bolts. Many drivers report that they tend to snap about that time. Then, you must either drill them out or use a special tool to extract them. You may want to consider putting on tubular headers.

You also need to periodically check your tie rod ends for signs of wear, especially if you choose to lift your truck. You can replace them with the same tie rod ends. You may want to watch for these used Dodge Ram parts for sale. Contact X2 Builders.

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