Flooring companies Can Add A Commercial Floor Removal Service

Commercial and residential flooring customers in the Longmont and Greely CO areas can get excellent flooring options from local companies such as Aesthetic Flooring & Hard-surfaces, Inc. Many times the hardest part of getting new flooring installed is getting rid of the old flooring and prepping the floor. Now, flooring companies are adding a Commercial Floor Removal Service to their companies. Now an owner can call the flooring company and schedule the whole process without doing any of the work themselves. Busy people are glad to pay for this extra service.

Any new floor product requires the old flooring to be removed or prepped to accept the new floor. The new floor must have a clean, level surface to be installed on. If a commercial carpet has been glued to the sub-floor, it must be removed and the glue and backing residues scraped off the floor. If the carpet was installed over padding with tack strips, this must all be removed, and the floor patched and leveled before new floor can be installed. If a carpet is being replaced with other carpet, the tack strips may be able to be reused if they are well-secured to the floor. The Commercial Floor Removal Service can be very useful.

Once the sub-floor has been prepared many different floor types may be installed including wood flooring, laminate wood flooring, ceramic tile or stone tile, polished concrete flooring, glued down or stretched carpets, or vinyl flooring. Each type of flooring has advantages and disadvantages. The flooring company representative can advise the customer on their floor choices. The type of floor to be used depends on the level of traffic, room use, and level of upkeep wanted. The budget may also determine the final flooring choice.

The customer can start their flooring search by going to Aestheticflooring.com. It is an easy way to get to know a company and review the services they offer. It is also a way to get a look at all the kinds of flooring the company is offering. The next step is to meet with a company representative to plan the flooring project and get a bid on the job. Go to the website for more information.

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