Fleet Services in Folsom For Tires

When in charge of a commercial fleet, it becomes obvious that tires are one of the biggest expenses that is incurred. A good manager will want to take advantage of a company that offers fleet services in Folsom specifically tailored to benefit a truck fleet. Here are some things that one may want to look for.

• Look for a company that offers 24/7 service. Breakdowns are not known to keep banker’s hours, so it essential that the company that is hired will be available when they are needed. Fast response time and highly trained service techs are an important part to consider when looking for a company to hire.
• A quality company should have some sort of tire pressure monitoring system in place. The fact is, truck drivers are constantly on the go and racking up miles. A company that can remotely monitor the pressure of the air in the tires on the trucks can end up saving the business a good deal of money in the long run. Improperly inflated tires can not only shorten the life of the tires themselves, but they can lead to lower fuel economy and dangerous driving conditions.
• If a truck does experience a blowout, make sure the company that is hired is equipped to send someone that can remove and install a new tire in remote conditions. At the very least a towing service needs to be provided if changing the tire is just not feasible.
• A quality company should also be able to advise the fleet manager as to what the best options are for tire selection. A thorough knowledge of the product being offered is nothing less than what should be expected when a fleet is at stake.

Contact B&J Body Shop for more information on what Fleet Services Folsom they offer. They have both the experience and scope necessary to ensure that they are able to benefit and accommodate any size fleet that needs their services. B&J Body Shop provides all that is needed for a smooth running and consistently dependable truck fleet to stay on the road.

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