Five of the Easiest Ways to Go Green

In recent years, there has been much talk about “going green”. As we learn more about the detrimental effects of global warming and climate control, along with the allocation of limited resources, we are realizing how important it is to minimize our carbon footprint and be more knowledgeable consumers.  While there are many ways to go green, here are five of the easiest ways to transform your household into a more sustainable and environmentally friendly oasis.

Buy a Solar Flashlight

Purchasing a solar flashlight is an easy and efficient way to “go green”. Flashlights are a household essential – and while they come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, colors, makes and models, solar flashlights are among some of the best. Solar flashlights are fueled by the sun; so they rely on a natural source of energy, rather than relying on man-made power. Solar flashlights are as affordable as they are convenient and stylish; making them a great option for homeowners everywhere.

Take Shorter Showers

Going “green” means limiting our overuse of natural resources – including water. Believe it or not, taking shorter showers can save a tremendous amount of water each and every year. Not only this, but since many of us pay for water, taking shorter showers can help limit our spending on this resource, as well.

Walk or Bike to Work

Walking or biking to work – rather than using our cars – is an excellent option for people everywhere. While this option is not always viable, depending on where you live and how long your commute may be – is a great option for those who live within a reasonable distance to work. Not only does this help cut down on our carbon footprint, but it also helps maintain our cardiovascular health – a win/win situation for all.

Skip the Bottled Water

Americans use a ton of plastic water bottles each year. So much so, in fact, that we consumed over fifty billion water bottles last year alone. This is a crazy amount of plastic to consume, especially considering that our recycling rates are not high enough to offset the detriment to the environment that all of this plastic waste causes. One of the best, and easiest, ways to go green is by skipping the plastic water bottles. Drinking tap water, or purchasing a refillable water bottle that is BPA free, is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and eliminate unreasonable waste related to plastic.

Wash Clothes in Cold Water

You may be saying to yourself – “Washing my clothes in cold water? What is that going to do to help the environment”? The truth is, a ton of energy is used when you wash your clothes with warm or hot water. For each cycle, your washing machine uses a significant amount of energy just to heat the water, let alone running a full wash cycle. By washing your clothing in cold water, you are saving energy, the environment and still getting that same good old clean feeling.

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