Firm Size And Accident Attorneys

After an accident with significant property damage, personal injury or even death, retaining a Tampa accident attorney should be a priority. This is where people have to start making choices, with those choices having an impact on the potential settlement of the case.

Accident attorneys will typically practice in either a small law firm or a large firm. Both options have their benefits, but for most people, the pros of the smaller firm size are compelling reasons to make this choice.

Types of Service

Large firms, by definition, typically offer a wide range of legal services. This can include everything from criminal law to real estate law and personal injury. Usually, in these firms, the attorneys are assigned to a case, not selected individually by the client.

The accident attorneys may be a small or a large part of the legal department for a large firm. However, with a small specialized firm, you have the ability to not only choose the attorney, but also choose a firm that specializes in only a few practice areas.

Professional Relationships

In Tampa, as across the state, the small law firms tend to offer more a personalized approach to the law. They spend time with their clients, they are available by phone, or they answer email questions promptly.

With large law firms, often clients don’t work directly with the accident attorneys on the case. Instead, they will talk to paralegals or even non-legal staff, which can make a client feel isolated and distanced from what is actually happening in the case.

Keep in mind that big law firms have very large marketing budgets. They often have the name recognition that small firms don’t have, but not always because they provide better legal services. Small firms tend to have strong client bases, often getting their new clients through personal referrals and recommendations, which is a testimony to the legal services they provide.

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