Finding the Perfect Piece: Dining Room Furniture Shopping

by | Sep 19, 2017 | Furniture

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When shopping for furniture for a dining room in Kalamazoo, many options are available. From different styles and stains to unique pieces, it is easy to personalize any dining room. The mid-range prices offer many looks for those who are decorating on a budget.

Furniture Styles

Available styles range between country, traditional, shaker, and contemporary. Country styles include authentic Amish furniture, as well as pieces that give a room a rustic feel. Traditional furniture makes use of leather, cloth, and deeply stained woods to induce a classy, at home feeling. Shaker furniture perfects the practice of minimalism, giving a room all of the necessary pieces while abandoning the ornate nature of most pieces. Contemporary furniture takes comfort into the modern age with fun, functional pieces that can make even the plainest Kalamazoo dining room look like a café.

Popular Pieces

Popular contemporary pieces combine both metal and wood to create unique eating areas that often mirror a pub or café. Traditional furniture is designed with straightforward woodworking and no frills, but not as few frills as shaker furniture. Shaker furniture puts function before fashion, presenting beautiful pieces that define understated. Country pieces tend to use benches in addition to chairs to provide both a down home feeling and plenty of space for guests.

While Amish furniture lends a feeling similar to country, it has the benefit of being customizable. Each piece is handmade and finished to the homeowner’s liking. Custom specifications are not the only benefit to Amish furniture. Amish furniture craftsmen have the ability to produce several styles of furniture, including both the aforementioned common styles and less conventional ones like cottage, mission, and transitional.

When choosing furniture for a dining room in Kalamazoo, options are plenty. Despite the preferred style, designers can help homeowners choose pieces that complement their style without sacrificing function.

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